Research Presentations

The select topics are influential and relevant to digital design. Present this topic and examples of work to the class, citing specific images, videos, or quotes. Include a description, it’s influence/reach, why it is used, competitors, 3-5 important projects, and your own critique or response. You will present to the class directly from the class website. Post the material to be presented on the site with embedded images and/or links to external sources. 10 min presentation followed by discussion.
Presentations will take place at the beginning of class on Thursdays starting February 18. Order of presentations to be determined on the fourth day of class.
  1. PHP—JJ
  2. Bootstrap—Kayla
  3. CMS (Drupal / Wordpress / Joomla)—Andres
  4. Muse / Sandvox / XPRS—Layne
  5. Sketch—Kilee
  6. Prototyping (Origami / Marvel / ProtoSketch / Pixate / Frontify)—Paulina
  7. Page Builder Plugins for WordPress ( Semplice / Qards)—Makenzie
  8. Processing (p5.js)
  9. 960 Grid / 1140 CSS Grid