Hoffman_Concept Generation


An app that allows new dog owners and experienced owners in rural and small farming communities to connect with other owners and dogs along with different facilities and care options.  This app would entail aspects such as a map with marked trails and parks, vets, boarding places, and other dog friendly areas.  It would also feature tips and hints for training and diet/nutrition information and facts for the dogs overall health.  With owners hands full, this app needs to have simple navigation and also more images rather than being text heavy for faster understanding visually.


Recognized –

A mass amount of information and tips are available when it comes to dog care.  The challenge will be finding the most important information to include along with information credibility.

Working Within –

Checking facts and resources for information with checking reliability of sources and links.


Displaying all the features and information that is not overbearing and retains functionality.  Doing this without disregarding any important pieces and aspects.

Creative Brief:

Pose Questions –

Q: What makes this project unique?

A: This targets an often forgotten group of pet owners that are from rural and small farming communities.

Q: Who is the audience?

A: New and experienced dog owners in rural and small farming communities.

Q: What are the characteristics of this app?

A:Easy and accessible information for busy dog owners. Non-text heavy for faster understanding through simple visuals and concise and brief text.

Q: Why is this useful?

A: To become connected with other owners in more remote areas and have access to other tips and information that are more centered towards rural areas.

Conduct Research –

Q: What has been done before?

A: Most apps center around urban and city areas where people/owners and dog friendly areas are more prevalent.  They also don’t contain information related to dangers that are more often found in country areas.

Q: What environment can this app be found?

A: Can be found on mobile, tablet, and desktops.  This allows access whenever information is needed.

Narrow Brief –

This app will offer simple and concise connections and access to dog friendly facilities, tips, hints, and other information for new and experienced dog owners in rural communities.

Define Key Messages-

Simplicity: quick and easily understood information

Connections and Information: connecting owners to one another and providing tips and other information all in one place

Playful: dogs are playful and energetic, thus meaning that this needs to be reflected in the design

Design Thesis:

-What needs to be designed?

An app for rural new and experienced dog owners to get connected with other sand other information that aides in the health, safety, and overall care for the dog.

-What is its nature?

A fun and energetic application that is designed in a way to aid new and experienced dog owners that find themselves secluded from the larger dog owner community.

-Who is it for?

New and experienced dog owners in rural and small farming communities.

-Why is it needed?

To form a community amongst other dog owners in this area and to provide the chance to swap information and ideas.  To also include dangers and other problems owners may face in the country rather than urbanized areas.

-What are the benefits?

The benefits are that this app will allow those that are in these remote areas to feel better informed and connected to others in there area.  This gives the feeling, especially to new owners, that they are not alone and that they can provide adequate care for the dog through using this app.

-Why is it interesting?

It is interesting because it brings in another demographic of dog owners that are not always thought about.  By having an app like this available, owners that may move to a more rural community from an urban or city area can better adapt and learn how to care for their dog in this new environment and social atmosphere.

-What will I bring to it?

I will bring knowledge of these kind of areas since I am from one myself.  I also own two dogs that are very young and I’ve owned older dogs in the past allowing me to understand the needs that dogs have in a spectrum of breed and age.

-How will I proceed?

I will continue by researching information and begin mapping the layout and content of the app.  From there I will design an aesthetic and brand identity that will be found throughout the app’s design.

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