Kayla Currens-Generating a Concept


To understand the need for clarity and organization in presenting your concept to your various audiences. To examine methods of conceptualizing your ideas for a solution to the design problem.

To provide a resource that allows for the user to easily convert units from USA’s units to another country’s. This will include conversions such as imperial to metric, temperature, length-distance, time, speed, currency, volume-capacity, weight-mass. I want to provide a conversion app that is specifically designed for travelers so that they will mainly have conversions that will be useful to them. In addition, I want to create an app that is aesthetically pleasing since most apps with this type of information are not very creative.


Recognizing constraints and working within the constraints:

The huge amount of conversions available and those outside of the obvious unit differences between countries that I may not know about or find.

Conversion information on currency can change often.

Presenting the information in a clear and pleasing way so that the user sees what they want to see. This means finding a way to present the other information from other countries or a way to switch the results.


Creative Brief

01  Pose Questions

i.e. What characteristics describe your envisioned outcome? What makes your project unique? Who is your audience?

Characteristics of my envisioned outcome are a designed app that is easy to use and gets the user the information they want effectively. Something that makes my product unique is that it has a specific list of conversions in contrast to other apps that include a huge list. It will always have the US units as the base to compare to units in other countries. I also want to see if I can put in information about the unit so if someone doesn’t understand what the unit is, they can also learn while they convert. My audience is anyone that is traveling from the USA to another country because of the difference between the imperial and metric system. I will expand on conversions that deal with speed, currency, time, temperature, length, and weight.


02  Conduct Research

Get to know your audience. What’s been done before? What are some environments where this project can live?

Many other apps out there that have a long list of conversions. They aren’t specific, which is good in case the user needs to convert units that aren’t as popular, but that can also seem unnecessary to those who want to convert a certain unit. Apps are also usually not specifically designed for travelers going from one country to another so it would be convenient to have an app specifically for that use. Converter apps are popular on mobile or tablet because they are easily accessible when someone has a conversion that needs a quick answer.


03  Narrow the Brief

Using your research, define the essence of the project.
Create a single sentence with the project’s significant features.

This app will present conversion information for the traveling user from the USA to another country. The information will be presented in a nicely designed way while also having the option to teach the user about the units they are converting.


04  Define Key Messages

List the main ideas the project needs to convey.
Start developing solutions that fit the project’s goals.

Usability- simple and easy to use

Design- creative and interactive yet not too over the top to overwhelm or distract the user from the information they want

Information- information about what the units are, information from the conversion. Start with the USA as the base and then the results change depending on the destination country.


Design Thesis
What do you need to design? (product)

A creative app that provides conversion information for those that are traveling from the United States to a different country. The app also provides information on the units being converted.


What is its nature? (Description) Who is it for? (Audience)

Those who are traveling from the USA and want to convert units from imperial to metric, convert currency, and look up other conversions in categories that are different from the USA. The app will provide an easy way for the traveler to make a quick conversion and possibly learn a bit more about what the units are.
Why is it needed? (problem)

There aren’t many conversion apps that are specifically designed for traveling conversions. In addition, there aren’t many conversion apps that have a short list of conversions that are creatively designed.


What are the benefits of it? (solution)

Provides conversion information in an easy to use and read format. Also provides extra information about what the units are. The simple list of common conversions will eliminate other units that would either take up space visually and on the platforms storage, distract the user, or be seen as unhelpful. The app will be specifically designed for those going to places outside of the USA so that they can have all the information they need to understand their surroundings.


Why is this interesting? (challenge)

Challenge to make this information visually interesting, easy to use, and something that people would want to use. There aren’t many apps that approach converting units between countries with travel in mind so this would eliminate many extra conversions that are unnecessary.


What will you bring to it? (vision)

A designed approach to the information. I will look at other apps to discover how they present the information and take note about how they do so creatively. I will also be looking to see which conversions are popular. Then, I will take what I have found and create an app that is easy to use and also provides information in an organized and helpful way. I want to always have the USA as a base and I want to see if I can change the units by creating a menu that allows the user to select which country they will be going to.


How will you proceed? (methods)

I will look into conversions that people would want look up or wonder about when they go from the USA to a different country. This will give me an idea on what to include in the app.

I will gather currency information for different countries and will also see if there are any other units that change between countries.

Based off of that I’ll gather a short definition for the units included.

I will begin to sort the list into group and categories so that the use can go into a broad category and find the specific unit conversion they are looking for.


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