Research & Matrices_Hoffman


In this matrix I wanted to identify two areas, location and the level of experience for the dog owner that the sites and apps were catered to.  As I predicted, I found that most apps were directed towards more urban dog owners and those that were not very experienced with their own dog or may not be familiar to the area.  There tended to be very few apps that would benefit those that owned dogs in more rural areas, especially for those that were beginners.


In this matrix I was analyzing the complexity of the site or app along with its content.  I divided the content into health and safety (more serious) and fun to see if the complexity of the app or site was heavily dependent on the subject matter it was trying to address.  I felt that many of the health and safety based apps and sites fell pretty close to a neutral break of simple and complex, but basically all of the more “fun” centered apps were pretty simple to use and navigate.


Building off of the first two matrices, I wanted to see if the complexity of the site or app was conveyed through the heaviness of the text or the simplicity of the imagery and navigation.  I also wanted to see if this was determinate if the app or site was more for an individual/secluded user or if the program connected to other owners, vets, or other services.  I saw that many of the apps that drifted more towards the connected spectrum began to become very text heavy, hard to navigate, and overall more complex than those that were for more individual users.

Overall: After looking at these spectrums, I would like to gear my app to fit more of beginning dog owners in rural or farm centered communities.  In order for quick use, especially if it is a medical emergency, I would like to make the navigation and other tools simpler for faster information to aid whatever the problem may be.

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