Eden – Research

Matrix comparing price and aesthetic


Matrix comparing price and ratings


Diagram comparing platforms



As expected, after doing my research I have found many market holes. Some of these should obviously be avoided (why would I want an expensive app with a terrible rating?) I have decided to create a free and simple experience that is primarily an iOS app but that could also possibly be used as an android app and web app.

The biggest issue with existing products like this seems to be that they are never completely free. This prevents users from having  good experience or even from buying it in the first place. Even if price was not a problem, what the user would be buying is so confusing/cluttered it’s not even worth it.


UPDATE: I researched (and used) one app in particular. Napkin Sketch is the cheapest and has some of the best functionality of all the options. However, due to low profits, it’s difficult for the developer to revise and maintain the program.

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