Brand Matrices of Conversion Apps

First matrix shows that multi-platform apps have an equal chance of being free or costing the user. Some of the free apps have in-app purchases. Even though I was mainly looking at Apple products, there didn’t seem to be the same amount of apps for Android.


Second matrix compares aesthetic with the amount of conversions an app can do. There is a hole in creative apps that can do a short, specific list of conversions. Most of the apps I found could do a lot of conversions, almost an overwhelming amount, and because of that they weren’t as aesthetically pleasing.


Third matrix looks at how colorful an app is compared to its complexity. It is similar to the second matrix but there were a few shifts that I wanted to note. I wasn’t looking so much at the aesthetic quality here, just at how color was used.




First matrix compares what the app can do to the audience. There is a hole for an app that highlights free time for both students and busy people. Most of the apps can show where free time because of the way they display information but there are few apps that will actually remind someone of when and how much free time they have. Many apps can show where time is distributed most, which is also a helpful thing to know.


Second matrix looks at cost and the audience. It seems like many apps are nice because they are free but the majority have in-app purchases. There is a hole for apps in both audiences that have a set purchase cost and no extra in-app purchases.


Third matrix shows the audience. Based off of the descriptions and reviews i placed the apps based on if they seemed like they would be used by students or busy people outside of school. I compared this with complexity because some people thought the apps required a lot of detail and time to manage. This was mainly because some of the adult apps need the information in order to provide accurate information. That said, apps for busy people may best serve those that like to keep a detailed schedule.

Audio Book:

Several downloads that make the process possible to turn an ebook into an audio book.


How to turn any e-Book into an Audiobook



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