Problem: Online shopping is inconvenient having to type in a new store in the search every time I want to look at their products.

Solution: An app that saves the links to all of your favorite stores as icons that take you directly to the website. No more manually typing in of store websites.


Problem: College life can be very fast pace and there isn’t much time to wait on things such as coffee or a sandwich.

Solution: An app that allows students to order or purchase drinks, food, books, and other items so all that is left is to pick it up.


Problem: I use 3 different apps to track my workouts, food intake, and overall health. These apps are very general and do not have any specific options or plans for people who are athletes.

Solution: A single app that combines training, health track, and food log that is able to be specified to a specific sport/athlete or a health goal.


Problem: It takes so much time in the morning trying on clothes to create an outfit that looks really good together.

Solution: An app that you are able to upload your clothing to and match different options together without having to try them on individually.


Problem: Leaving a pet at a boarding place can be hard on a pet and expensive. It would be much better to have someone just “pet sit.”

Solution: An app/website that allows people to search for nearby pet watchers and hire them for the job. This can also include a search for nearby pet owners that would like to have their animal have a “play date” with other pets.

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