Buckland – Update

I have done wire frames and mapped out each page of the app. The big changes I am making to the app are to combine two of the tabs into one because they already contain basically the same information. I am adding a Team members tab where the user can see all the team members in their “workspace / organization” all in one place with each team member’s email and all the tasks/ projects that member is involved with.

There are smaller, more subtle changes I am making as well that involve the usability of the app and making it more simple and easier for the user. These include scrolling to the newest comments in a conversation, starting from where the user left off/ at the comment he or she last saw, instead of starting at the oldest and having to scroll forever to find where the new comment it. The new comment will also be highlighted somehow so it is easily recognizable. Another change I am making is redesigning how conversations are viewed to make it easier to see what you want. I also will group projects and tasks under “working, completed, and all” so that its easy to see all of these. Right now, if a project or task is completed it disappears from the app. Also, to send a message, it has to be grouped under a project or team and will get sent to everyone involved in that project or team. I want to add the option to send a message to an individual, and be able to choose who it is sent to – give a little more control to the user. Maybe the options are “Team, Project, Member” to give the additional option.

I also want to offer all of the functions on the website also on the app. Right now, a lot of the functions are only available on a computer, but I think the app and the website should work synonymously.


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