Site Layout Ideation_Hoffman

My plan is to simplify this site in a way with limited layers to the site and to create more self-explanatory options in order to edit the site easier for the faculty.


Login page – Login page stays fairly similar but with only a single login box rather than having a section of text off to the side.

Welcome Page – The first layer after the login page will be a “welcome” page for the faculty user.  On this page, the navigation information originally found on the two side bars will be found on one side only for a more uniform location. On the right, the user will be able to see all the different courses that that faculty member has access to.

Editing Page – After the faculty member has selected the course they would like to edit, they will be taken to the editing page.  This page follows a similar layout to the welcome page in that it states that the user is in an editing mode and under they can find all the different editing options in a central location. For each editing option, that editing selection will come up in a screen to the right in order to keep the navigation from going too far away from the course selection page.

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